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Fluvial-Tidal Sedimentology pdf free

Fluvial-Tidal Sedimentology pdf free

Fluvial-Tidal Sedimentology by Elsevier Science

Fluvial-Tidal Sedimentology

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Fluvial-Tidal Sedimentology Elsevier Science ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 690
ISBN: 9780444635297
Publisher: Elsevier Science

Daniel Canas (MSc; in progress): Sedimentology of the fluvial-tidal transition. In a mixed tidal-fluvial setting: Middle Arm, Fraser River, British. Ã�ュートリノ,タイトル:Fluvial-tidal Sedimentology, 出版社:Elsevier Science, 著者: Ashworth, Philip J. Modelling the fluvial–marine transition on tide-dominated estuaries. Sedimentary facies assemblages, commonly identified by the geography in which Formed by a mix of fluvial input, tidal currents and storm waves. Recognition of tidal and estuarine influence in fluvial strata is critical to the sedimentary and biogenic structures that suggest a tidal influence. Dimensjoner, 19,1cm x 23,5cm x 4,8cm, Vekt, 1383 gram . And Dalrymple, R.W., eds., 2012, Principles of Tidal Sedimentology. Diagnostic sedimentary structures of the fluvial-tidal transition zone – Evidence from deposits of the Rhine and Meuse. Keywords: Fluvial-tidal transition; Miocene; Sedimentology; Taphonomy; Patagonia. Controlled principally by the magnitudes of these river and tidal currents. In the sedimentary record of ancient microtidal systems, except for.

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